Three Picture Sentence Story Prompts

There is no limit to what stories you can create with your pen and/or typewriter. You are unique to the art, and your thoughts are uniquely you.

But if you are stuck for a story idea, using random props and prompts to fertilize your brain is perfectly acceptable. Try it here.

Just write a colorful sentence, any sentence from any thought that comes to you about the picture BELOW:


Here’s a suggestion, or two:

No. 1 = I was amazed to see a squirrel keep control of an acorn between his paws while he paused in his head first scamper to the ground, somehow still gripping the bark of the tree’s trunk and still managing to take a peek at me.

No. 2 = The squirrel’s grip on that acorn made me remember little Sammy holding on for dear life to his big Teddy when I’d left the house that morning.


BELOW is the first of two pictures of a Great Blue Heron.


Try a sentence, or two, on what comes to your story mind when viewing these pictures.

No. 1 = I saw the Great Blue Heron full-winged as he traveled above the water; a sight so magnificent I shall never forget it.

No. 2 = Sheila’s excitement and anticipation made her hands shake as she hurriedly pushed the playback buttons on her camera to view the shot she’d just taken of the Great Blue Heron.

Try the next one BELOW. You’ll surprise yourself in learning how the same bird photographed differently evokes different thoughts.


No. 1 = The bird’s wing tips resembled feathered hats as it took flight off the rock, and Amanda suddenly remembered she’d forgotten to return Lily’s feathery parade hat after last week’s celebration.

No. 2 = There were several Great Blue Herons along the shore, hopping from rock to rock and plucking fish out of the water, something Harold would rather have been doing himself.

Now use your own written sentences to continue your thought process, just as you might from the sentences suggested:

What about Sammy’s anxiety, intently gripping his Teddy? Where do acorns grow and who farms them for market? Why hasn’t Harold gone fishing? Why was Sheila so eager to see if she’d gotten a good picture? What is the significance of the magnificent flight of a Great Blue Heron over water?

…and story ideas quickly bloom.

Story ideas are all in your head, waiting to be plucked.

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg.

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