Five Things I’ve Always Wanted to See


***A Story Prompts Aside – One***

Have you been to the Grand Canyon in the USA?

Who has visited the Egyptian pyramids?

Has anyone seen Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, USA?

Those of you who live in the state of Hawaii: I hope you don’t take the view for granted!

Who’s climbed a lighthouse, or two?

The five questions above constitute contemplation on the five places I’ve always wanted to see.

No. 1 = Grand Canyon
Majesty, contrast, depth, and the layers of rock that are the Grand Canyon seem to me to comprise a sight difficult to surpass in natural wonder. That would be a spectacle to behold!

No. 2 = Egyptian pyramids
How did they ever get those pyramids diagonally pulled together? Is the movie “Ten Commandments” giving us the real story on how the pyramids were built? Oh, my, I’d certainly like to see those pyramids and judge for myself! They must be a splendid sight!

No. 3 = Mount Rushmore
Four of our most famous and visionary American Presidents are represented at this memorial. The monument was 16 years in the making, the life passion of one determined individual, Gutzon Borglum. The project ran out of funding several times, and Gutzon’s son, Lincoln, actually put the finishing touches on the monumental memorial after his father’s death. This is one awesome story!

No. 4 = The Hawaiian Islands
My deceased grandmother once described to me her trip to Hawaii, and I never have forgotten the wonders she told. Seeing the Hawaiian Islands would be a wonderful vacation! (I know I couldn’t afford to live there.)

No. 5 = Lighthouses
I would like to spend as much time as it took to visit as many of our American coastline lighthouses as I could. Soaking in their beauty and learning of their rich, individual history could be a life’s endeavor.

Are there any story ideas in your head yet?

Once alone, and once with my very appreciative and young granddaughter, I climbed the Marblehead Lighthouse State Park lighthouse in Marblehead, Ohio, on Lake Erie. The area was my favorite weekend hangout when I was still a working girl. It never got old.

How about now? Is a story germinating? Is it truth, fiction, personal, extraordinary?

Story ideas are just this simple. Use this writing exercise yourself. What are five things you’ve always wanted to do? Expand descriptions and thoughts on those five items, and away you go!

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