Short Story Prompt No. 2 – School Boredom

Remember the boredom you felt in school some days? Every day, you say? Goodness, did you ever learn anything? Were you more bored in high school than you were in elementary school? Chances are good that you were more attentive in the lower grades, before relationships took command of your hormones.

Then came the last day of the school year, with Summer around the corner, and you couldn’t wait for the Summer months to begin!


“School’s out for the Summer and there’s nothing to do but listen to boring Jeff. All Summer. Boredom, boredom. I’m bored out of my mind.”

A couple months later, and you exclaim: “Why does Summer end so quickly?”

But you were bored all Summer, right? Before that, you were bored all day in school, right?

Is there anything in the above storylines that prompts a story of your own? About human nature, perhaps? School days? Summer vacation? Friends? Rainy days?

How about in the very first paragraph, where hormones come into play: any story idea there for you? Your first crush? Your bare bones feelings about school in general?

Keep going! School days? Truth, or Fiction? You’ve got your own unique story inside you!

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