Five Things I’ve Never Done

***A Story Prompts Aside – Two***

What are some things you’ve not done in life–good, or bad?


Here are a few of my never-done-things that might spark a story idea in you!

*** never got to drive my Dad’s farm tractor in the field ***
Shoot, nowadays, farm girls are everywhere, but back in the early sixties, a lot of family girls were stuck in the kitchen. I wanted so bad to have a 4-H calf project like my brothers and to drive Dad’s tractor in the field, to plant, or to harvest. Because I grew up between two brothers (before more sibs came along), it was no deal. But one day, my Dad was short of help, and he promoted me to “incher”. That is, I got to drive the tractor forward in the driveway, inch by inch, to pulley straw up from a loaded wagon into the barn hayloft. Wow, was I puffed up all day long after that!

*** never broke a bone ***
Is that on a lot of people’s lists of things never done? It is so common, especially in today’s world of speed. Among my seven siblings, just one has broken a bone. He did it grandly, too, tumbling off Dad’s combine onto a concrete floor in the barn. Ouch! Yes, a nasty compound fracture resulted.

*** never owned an Irish Setter ***
Although a dog fancier, and lapping for an Irish Setter when I was young, I never had a pure Red companion. However, one of my adoption projects secured a “part Irish Setter” type, or so they assured me at the animal shelter from which I acquired him. Mick was red, all right, but he was very mixed with brown and black, as well.

*** never been West of Illinois ***
Much to my regret, I’ve not had a chance to travel West in this great United States of America. But I’ve seen much, or most of, the East and the East Coast, including Vermont, where I lived for nine years, and stunning Myrtle Beach along the coastline.

*** never played on a semi-pro, or professional, sports team ***
Probably this is on the “never-did-that” lists of many people. I was a passionate player, would gladly have been the first female in Major League Baseball if given the chance. Of course, now I’m older and realize the ridiculousness of this option. I was very good, but females should play against females. Eventually, females got their own professional leagues in a number of sports. Good. Swell. Enough!


Lots of storylines could come of the above thoughts. Write down your own “nevers” with brief details to begin the thought train. Then go!

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg
DVD Cover of Hoosiers, MGM 1986, is a scan from my personal copy of same


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