Short Story Prompt No.3 — Rhymes


You don’t half to be a poet to appreciate rhymes. When that blank page stares back at you defiantly, run some rhymes through your head, out loud, or discreetly in your mind.

Maybe a word is stuck in your gray matter. It can be the start of a rhyme game. Or it can be the start of a little poem that uses rhymes to describe your state of mind, even if that word isn’t the source of rhymes itself.

Take the word “distraught”:

“Distraught to the Ninth Degree”
— by Me

Oh, for nine days of no kids,
of no naughty, but sorry pups;
of naught the many interrupts!

For minutes of rest I’d hide,
and peaceful days of wasting:
times for new, exciting tasting!

If so, then, I’d embrace
the mindset that brings range
amid the new and old of change.

What’s the rest of the story, I wonder? Are you drawing a blank, or thinking ahead…?

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